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Atelier « Vinyasa and Hypnosis Savasana » avec Rachelle Tersigni, dimanche 14 janvier de 14h30 à 16h30 heures

Rachelle workshop

Have you ever wanted something or to give up something that you no longer felt in integrity with and as much as you had that desire you also had a block that prevented you from realising your goal, dream or potential?

Often times what is blocking us is our own selves and our old limiting beliefs that prevent us from achieving what we know would fulfil us.

Join Rachelle Tersigni, Yoga Teacher and Hypnosis Practitioner in this powerful 2 hour class to learn about the power of the subconscious mind and how to use it to your advantage instead of letting it keep you feeling blocked or stuck, followed by a short yoga class, and then a powerful 25 minute hypnotic savasana to experience the dreamy and pleasant state of the subconscious mind.

Ouvert à tous. / En anglais.

Tarif : 40 euros ou 2 tickets des carnets de cours.

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Atelier « Sun Salutation » avec Klara Püski, dimanche 21 janvier de 15h30 à 17h30 heures

Klara workshop

Join Klara for Surya Namaskar workshop where we will be breaking down both A & B sequences to study each asana individually, step by step for the correct alignment and balance.
The sequence has countless benefits helping us to connect our movement to our breath while building strength and awareness through the entire body, eventually tapping into a state of meditation. We will be exploring the anatomy of individual asanas with special focus on foundations.
We will learn positions that help prepare the body for full postures and advanced transitions containing beginner, intermediate, and advanced movements, such as floating into chatturanga dandasana or jumping forward into uttanasana into eventual handstands.

Ouvert aux tous niveaux. / En anglais et français.

Tarif : 40 euros ou 2 tickets des carnets de cours.

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Atelier « Sharing thoughts on REIKI and Breathing » avec Ricardo Cruz, samedi 27 janvier de 14h à 16h heures

Ricardo reiki

Be the flow with RicardO Cruz for a sharing thoughts, a moment offered to all of us connected to the Universe of REIKI.

In this 2 hours workshop, we will be exploring some basic understanding on how Life Force and Breathing work on our daily basis, in order to create a more well-balanced environment.

Come find out with us what Ricardo has to share about Reiki and Life Force, helping to make this life a joyful CRUZades.

Ouvert à tous. / En anglais et français.

Tarif : TBA

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Atelier « Yin Yoga for Winter » avec Gemma Vassallo, dimanche 28 janvier de 15h à 17 heures


As we leave the Metal element of Fall behind and continue our journey forward, we begin to dive deeper into the abyss of the cold and wintery months ahead as the winter solstice approaches. In this abounding darkness, the ultimate yin, we travel into the world of the water element. Like the trees that have shed their leaves and stand bare against the horizon, it is in this deep, dark mysterious place where we let go of the things that need to die, in order to hold and contain the potential for new life to surge forward in the spring.

Winter is associated with the Kidneys (and Urinary Bladder) and with the Water element, according to Traditional Chinese medicine.  At this time of year we often feel exhausted, overworked, highly stressed, overcommitted, continuing to push when we are exhausted. Low back pain is often associated with kidney chi deficiency.

Join Gemma for this 2 hour journey of yin yoga & meditation and begin to rebuild this valuable, vital energy.

Ouvert à tous. / **pregnant ladies** feel welcome to join and we can adjust any posture that doesn’t feel comfortable for you and baby.

En anglais et français.

Tarif : 40 euros ou 2 tickets des carnets de cours.

Inscription nécessaire.