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What kind of Yoga ? Which price?

What kind of Yoga is suitable for me? Prices?


 Our classes

The classes given at Paris Yoga Shala are all related to classic Hatha Yoga. They are based on the teachings of Patanjali and inspired by the traditional yoga practiced by the great Indian masters.

The classes are adapted to our western way of life. Our classes do not require any previous level or understanding of yoga. However, some classes are more dynamic than others. If you have any health concerns, then please let us know and we can help you chose a class more appropriate for you.


Postural. Combines breathing, meditation and poses in order to balance the body and mind.


All levels. Finding the right balance between the poses and breathing. A complete and flowing practice.


Dynamic. Flow of poses designed by the creativity of the teacher. Smooth practice, sometimes with music.


Dynamic. Energises and detoxifies the body and mind by connecting specific repeated poses.


Dynamic. Connects different poses to bring vitality and serenity. With music.


Serenity. Brings peace and well being through deep stretches either in sitting or lying positions. Slow and meditative.


Serenity. Learning deep, mindful breathing and meditation, accepting all our emotions and feelings as they are.


 Our teachers

Our professors share their experience, passion and generosity in their teaching. The courses are given in either French or English.

Frédéric Beigbeder – Tatiana Avila-Bouru – Alex Avila – Guillaume Morgan – Jean-Marc Chira – Emma Ford – Klara Puski – Katia Seddiki – Gemma Vassallo – Jon Cinque – Maricha Dumont – Katrin Lesmier – Ludivine Métairie – Anne Francin  – Cyril Voci – Sophie Labeyrie

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Net prices. No membership nor cotisation required to come and practice with us.


Live classes prices, including TVA:
1 class – 12€
5 classes – 55€
10 classes – 100€

 > If you already have a class pass with us, you can use 1 class from your class pass for 2 LIVE classes.

> You can also choose to keep your class passes and use them once studio opens again. The end date of the pass will be postponed taking into account that studio closed on 15th of march in 2020.

> To use your month pass for live classes, please contact us on our email address:

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1 intro class first time for local people (cannot be combined with 10 days first time offer) : 19 € – SOLD ONLY ON SPOT AT THE STUDIO

10 days intro first time unlimited card, this offer cannot be combined with other first time offers: 89 € – SOLD ONLY ON SPOT AT THE STUDIO

– 1 class // drop-in class // first class for foreigners : 26 € 20% vat included

– 3 classes : 72 € (24 € / class) 20% vat included

– 5 classes: 115 € (23 € / class) 20% vat included

– 10 classes : 219 € (22 € / class) 20% vat included

– 20 classes : 419 € (21 € / class) 20% vat included

1 month unlimited : 219 € 20% vat included

Private class one person 120 €

Private class two persons 140 €

  • The class cards are valuable for one year from the date of purchase. VAT 20% included.
  • Our classes are 60, 75 or 90 minutes long.
  • Private classes available on request.